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Sanchia Supramaniam

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Sanchia Supramaniam is a Psychologist and counsellor who provides mental health services for adults, children, adolescents, couples and families. 

She has completed her BSc in Psychological Science from Deakin University Melbourne, Australia and her MSc in Applied Psychology from Coventry University, UK. 

In the past she has worked at World Vision Sri Lanka in assisting them to build a Mental Health Start-up Manual. She has also assisted THEME Institute in their research known as COMGAP-S which focuses on the integration of mental health into post -conflict populations in the North through Primary care. This included travelling to the North to train doctors and other primary care officials on Mental Health using the WHO MHGap Manual. When working at Child Adolescent and Family Services, she became well-versed in Creative Therapy and gained a lot of experience working with children of various age groups, as well carrying out Mental Health Awareness campaigns. 

She is trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and multiple other Therapies for adults, adolescents and their families. She is also trained in Behaviour Therapy and Creative Therapy for children. Her specialities include the areas of Depression, Anxiety, self-esteem and stress management as well as Therapy for Children.