Helping Hands Counselling Service creates an open environment for individuals to come and share their problems, concerns and stressors. We at Helping Hands provide numerous psychological interventions, assessments and high quality practical guidance to ensure a smooth journey on your road towards a balanced life.


Helping Hands Counseling Service provides a wide range of psychological interventions, assessments and practical guidance for individuals experiencing common mental health concerns. Our interventions are evidence-based and personalised, allowing us to cater to all age groups from various backgrounds. 

Here at Helping Hands we are trained to cover several psychological issues including but not limited to low mood, depression, stress, anxiety, anger, self-esteem, worry, emotional emergencies and changes, dealing with stressful situations, bereavement, phobias, OCD etc. 

We are also able to provide psychological support tailor made in assisting with career guidance, increasing self-confidence and self-esteem through building resilience and inspiring self-awareness.